🏗️ List of companies

Construction & Industrial Direcrory

Name Head office
MosvodokanalNIIproekt Moscow
Mosvodokanalstroy, company Moscow
Mosgidromontazh Moscow
Mosglavsnab Moscow
Mosdomclimate Moscow
MoszhilNIIproekt Moscow
Moszhilremont Moscow
Moszarubezhstroy, design and construction association Moscow
Mosinzhproekt Moscow
Mosinzhbeton, plant Moscow
Mosinzhstroy, JSC Moscow
Mosmetrostroy Moscow
Moskapstroy Moscow
Mosstroy-31 Moscow
Moscow UPP-7 VOS Moscow
Mosstroy-4 Moscow
FurnitureList Moscow
Moscow Pipe Company Moscow
Moskabelmet Moscow
Mosclinker Moscow
Mosobldorremstroy Moscow
Mosoblizhstroy-1, trust Golyevo
Mosoblselstroy-4 Stupino
Mosoblstroy N 3 Kolomna
Mosoblstroy N 9 Elektrostal
Mosoblstroy-5 Voskresensk
Mosoblstroy-8 Naro-Fominsk
Mosoblstroyrestavratsiya Moscow
Mosoblstroytrest N 11 Domodedovo
Mosoblelectromontazh, trust Podolsk
Mosotdelstroy N 7 Moscow
Mosotdelstroy-5 Moscow
Mosplast Moscow
Mospromgaz, management of State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Mosgaz Moscow
Mospromzhelezobeton Moscow
Mospromstroy Moscow
Mosstroymekhanizatsiya-5 Moscow
Mospromtekhmontazh Moscow
Mospromtekhmontazh Moscow
Mosremgrazhdanstroy Moscow
Mosremstroy-I, PSK Moscow
Mosspetsmontazh Moscow
Mosstroyprogress Moscow
Bridge Moscow
MOST, company Nizhny Novgorod
Mosstroyrekonstruktsiya Moscow
Mosteplosetenergoremont, branch of Mosenergo JSC Moscow
MOS-TCS, branch of CJSC Telekomstroy Moscow
Mosto - operational enterprise No. 7 Kostroma
Mostootryad 18, Moscow territorial company Moscow
Mostootryad 6, branch of OJSC Mostotrest Yaroslavl
Mostootryad N 1, NTF Nizhny Novgorod
Bridge Oyad N 90 Dmitrov
Mostootryad-79, branch of OJSC Mostotrest Tambov
Bridge-building detachment-126 Lipetsk
Mostostroy and Company Reutov
Mostostroy, PKF Moscow
Bridge maintenance enterprise No. 1 Kostroma
Most-Stroy Moscow
MosTrubStal Moscow
MosFlowline Moscow
Mosfibrostroy Moscow
Mosfundamentstroy-6 Moscow
Moselectronproekt Moscow
MosEliteStroy Moscow
Mosenergomontazh Moscow
Mosenergonaladka, branch of Mosenergo JSC Moscow
Mosenergoremont Moscow
Mosenergospetsremont, branch of Mosenergo JSC Moscow
Mosenergostroy, construction and industrial company Moscow
Mosenka Moscow
Power Moscow
IPA Alps Moscow
MPDF Kaluga
MR Group Moscow
Marble Trading Moscow
Mramorkrym.rf Yalta
MS Kit Saint Petersburg
MS Logistics Ivanovo
Moscow Dismantage Moscow
MSK Constructika Moscow
MTM-TOM Moscow
MTU Saturn Moscow
MTX Kit Moscow
No trash Moscow
Museum-M Moscow
Multiblock Moscow
Multiservice-Plus Moscow
Murom-Beton Moore
Musma - Santekhmontazh, construction and installation company Moscow
MFM - Workshop of Facade Materials Moscow
Mild climate Moscow
METTEM-Production Balashikha
Master Moscow
Soft roofing technologies, TD Tula