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MTK Group of Companies (Moscow Pipe Company) offers large-diameter steel pipes, pipe bends, and insulated pipes. MTK cooperates with leading manufacturers of pipe products in Russia and the CIS. The catalog of large-diameter pipes includes: new electric-welded pipes, old (from the state reserve) pipes and insulated pipes with a diameter from 530 mm to 2820 mm. All pipe products comply with GOSTs and TUs. The company is also ready to provide pipe processing services: pipe cutting and three types of pipe insulation (very reinforced type insulation (VUS), cement-sand coating (CSC) and polyurethane foam insulation). Delivery and transportation of pipes is carried out by road and rail throughout Russia.

Founded: 2004
Registration date: 11.05.2011
Update date: 13.07.2016 [ID: 1831]

Industry: Construction
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107564, Moscow, Krasnobogatyrskaya st., 2, 5th floor, office 6

+7 (495) 720-39-27