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TNP Group specializes in the production of self-leveling floors, anti-corrosion paints, materials for hardening, concrete dust removal, concrete protection, protection of concrete structures, floor dust removal, floor pouring, penetrating waterproofing materials.

Having our own production base in St. Petersburg, we offer a full range of industrial materials for use in aggressive environments, which provide high TBO times combined with the best price.

Groups of products offered by us:
- wear-resistant paints for industrial floors and warehouses;
- penetrating waterproofing, used under high water pressure
- protective anti-corrosion coatings for metal, concrete, brick, materials for dust removal from concrete and protection of concrete and concrete structures;
- strengtheners for concrete screeds and foundations;
- paints for marking and road markings;
- coatings and materials for floor dust removal and floor filling.

Founded: 1991
Registration date: 17.04.2024
Update date: 17.04.2024 [ID: 3460]

Chemicals for construction

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pl. Carla Faberge, 8, St. Petersburg

+7 (495) 666-56-22

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