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The main activity of the Mosstroy-31 group of companies is the production of effective thermal insulation building materials based on expanded polystyrene, without which modern construction is impossible. Using world-class equipment from the companies "HIRSCH", "KURTZ, GmbH", the Mosstroy-31 company produces high-quality polystyrene foam and products based on it: CONTOUR ELEMENTS, POLYTERM (expanded polystyrene concrete), HOUSE BUILDING SYSTEM of JSC "MOSSTROY-31" (permanent formwork), FOAM POLYSTYRENE CONCRETE BLOCKS, SANDWICH PANELS.

Founded: 1990
Registration date: 13.05.2007
Update date: 13.07.2016 [ID: 1827]

Roofing, insulation and wall materials

Decoration Materials

Price list not posted.
Logo Mosstroy-31

117648, Moscow, st. Northern Chertanovo, Possession 4a

+7 (495) 797-31-31, 8-800-700-31-01 (Call within Russia is free)

29th international building and interiors trade show