🏗️ List of companies

Construction & Industrial Direcrory

Name Head office
Interblood Moscow
Online store Rozetka69.ru Tver
Online store "Floor coverings" Balashikha
Online store "Construction assistance" Nizhny Novgorod
Online store DomaStroy Volgograd
Online store "Tiles for the home" Moscow
Intercross Ryazan
Online store of building materials TD "Lavon" Moscow
Online store "Castles+" Ekaterinburg
Inter-style, company Belgorod
Interstroy Samara
Inter-Stroy Moscow
InterStroyPlast Moscow
InterStroyService Moscow
Interstroyservice Odintsovo
Interstroyservice-D Dmitrov
Interia Moscow
Interholod group, company Moscow
Interior Moscow
INTERIORkin Moscow
InteriorService, company Tula
Interenergoservis Moscow
Intekhcom, PKF Moscow
InTech Service Saint Petersburg
Intran Development Ryazan
Intros Nizhny Novgorod
Inteko-M Korolev
INFOKOSMOS-2000 Moscow
Information industry, company Moscow
Inform-KS Moscow
Infrastructure Moscow
IolitM Saint Petersburg
IP Sheverev A. S. Rostov-on-Don
Mortgage and construction company Nizhny Novgorod
IPROKOM, engineering and industrial company Moscow
Ira-prom, production group Moscow
Irby Stroy Lipetsk
Irbis Moscow
IRVIK Moscow
IRIDA, company Tula
Iris Podolsk
Iris Congress Hotel Moscow
IRIS group of companies Moscow
Irma-Comfort Moscow
Irmast-active Moscow
Irmast-Holding Moscow
Irtysh, production and commercial company Moscow
ISK EuroStroyEngineering Elektrostal
ISK Araks Moscow
ISK Monolit Moscow
Iskra-94 Belgorod
Art of stone Moscow
The art of roofing Kostroma
IST-PRO Moscow
Istra, NTTM center Istra
Italkraska Moscow
Italsovmont Volzhsky
IT Center-Yaroslavl Yaroslavl
Ifo-Rus Saint Petersburg
ICT-Tula Tula
Cable Routes Chelyabinsk
Cable-cost Moscow
CAIS Moscow
Kazanorgsintez Kazan
KazanStroyPostavka Moscow
Kaleva-Kaluga Kaluga
Kalugavtodor Kaluga
Kalugagazstroy Kaluga
Kaluga city planner Kaluga
Kaluga Khutorok Kaluga
Kaluga Paint and Varnish Plant (KLKZ)
Calmatron Saint Petersburg
Stone River Moscow
Stone City Ekaterinburg
Kaminopech.rf Moscow
Camos Line Moscow
Channel Murino
Country House Tver
KanPlast Set Moscow
Canyon North Moscow
Buzzard Moscow
Country Style Moscow
Capital K Lipetsk
Capital Stroy Krasnogorsk
Kapremstroy-Sever Moscow
Capro Wedge
Karanfil Marble and Granite Moscow
Karat-V Moscow
Karacharovo AK Moscow
Karkasnikov Saint Petersburg
Frame Technologies Saint Petersburg
Karpatstroy Moscow
Kart, group of companies Ulyanovsk
Kare Noir-M Moscow
KARES-Automation Systems Moscow