Factory of Innovative Technologies

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"Factory of Innovative Technologies" is a modern high-tech production of facing bricks using tribo-hyperpressing using innovative Spanish technology. The plant's latest equipment allows it to produce products that exceed existing Russian analogues in all characteristics. Hyper-pressed brick, large-sized, solid, restoration 300x145x80, 300x145x70, color red, yellow, ivory, cappuccino, individual color. M150-300. Frost resistance 150 cycles, Water absorption 6-8%.

Founded: 1998
Registration date: 30.05.2017
Update date: 29.03.2024 [ID: 1047]

Price list not posted.
Logo Factory of Innovative Technologies

400075, Volgograd, RP Gumrak, Taimyrsky passage, 4

+7 (8442) 53-07-07


29th international building and interiors trade show