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ZiO-Met JSC is a supplier of non-ferrous metal products. Operating in the metallurgical market since 1997. The range of products sold includes: pipes, rods, wire, tapes and sheets made of copper, brass, bronze and copper-nickel alloys. Our own, fully equipped warehouse allows us to store up to 15 thousand tons of rolled metal and pure metals. CJSC ZiO-Met carries out export deliveries of products, independently carrying out customs clearance of goods. Since 2007, for the purpose of comprehensive supply of enterprises, ZiO-Met CJSC has been supplying cable and wire products.

Founded: 1997
Registration date: 14.02.2011
Update date: 01.04.2016 [ID: 1068]

Metal structures and metal products

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601784, Vladimir region, Kolchugino, st. Lugovaya, 12

+7 (49245) 91-858

29th international building and interiors trade show