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Moskabel Plant LLC is the largest cable company in the central part of the Russian Federation. The plant produces a wide range of power cables with impregnated paper insulation with voltage up to 10 kV, polymer insulation (PVC, PE) with voltage up to 6 kV, including armored type and self-supporting insulated wires (SIP) with voltage up to 35 kV. We have mastered the production of a new generation of cables using vulcanized polyethylene (PV) insulation, fire-safe cables, including those with low gas and smoke emissions (with the index “ng-LS”), halogen-free cables (with the index “ng-HF”) and fire-resistant cables (with the index “ng-FR”).

Founded: 1878
Registration date: 12.04.2016
Update date: 12.04.2016 [ID: 1041]

Electrical equipment

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111024, Moscow, st. 2nd Cable Street, 2, building 2

+7 (495) 673-52-81

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