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WoodVER Company is a manufacturer of high-quality woodworking equipment. Today our company successfully produces a wide range of woodworking equipment: circular sawmills for angular and horizontal sawing, rounding machines, cup cutting machines, multi-saw machines, timber cutting machines, four-sided machines, as well as high-precision complexes for the production of laminated veneer lumber. Our company employs exclusively highly qualified specialists, true masters of their craft. We have been working on the development and production of woodworking equipment for more than 10 years and during this time we have become the most experienced manufacturers of sawmill equipment. However, our company is not satisfied with what has been achieved and does not stand still. We try to keep up with the times, constantly develop, improve the equipment we produce, train and improve the qualifications of our employees, and conduct master classes for customers. In our products, we strive to embody the wishes of our customers as much as possible, and therefore we are always open to comments and suggestions from them. We offer not only a product with excellent consumer properties, but also high-quality service: after-sales service and consulting support. We have a flexible pricing policy for our clients and have developed convenient discount programs.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 10.10.2013
Update date: 10.10.2013 [ID: 1378]

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Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, st. Sovkhoznaya, 43

+7 (800) 775-63-76

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