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Construction company "Vse Stroy" offers the following types of services and work: - construction of country houses, cottages; — construction of frame-type houses — design and design work on external and internal finishing of any buildings and premises; — installation of hinged ventilated facades of any complexity; — siding installation — performs interior finishing work; - roofing; - production of flashings and additional elements - plumbing work of any complexity - electrical installation work - installation of roofing of any complexity - fences and barriers made of corrugated board, brick, wood, sectional welded, chain-link mesh.

Founded: 2007
Registration date: 17.08.2017
Update date: 17.08.2017 [ID: 3088]

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454018, Chelyabinsk, st. Severo-Krymskaya 91, office 4

+7 (351) 220-01-85

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