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Vent Holding LLC is the official distributor of ventilation equipment and air conditioning systems of the KORF brand. During its activity, our company has established itself as a reliable supplier of a wide segment of engineering equipment for ventilation, air conditioning, smoke removal and automation systems not only in the Russian Federation, but also in Kazakhstan and Belarus. During this time, the main priorities in our work were high professionalism and competence when choosing equipment for our customers, as well as flexibility in our approach and the ability to find compromises when working with our clients.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 27.06.2015
Update date: 27.06.2015 [ID: 477]

Ventilation and climate control equipment

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Voronezh, Truda Avenue 67, office 1-1

+7 (473)2-47-00-77, 202-58-69

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