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Tula Plastic is a company engaged in completing gas and water supply, heating and sewerage systems, supplying plumbing equipment and heating radiators. The company was established in November 2009 in the city of Tula for the production and distribution of low-density polyethylene products (HDPE pipes). Currently, the company is a supplier of a wide range of high-quality products for completing gas and water supply, heating and sewerage systems. The company is focused on introducing innovative technologies and strives to create winning solutions for both consumers and the company. Particular attention is paid to the constant improvement of production technology, the quality of manufactured and supplied products.

Founded: 2009
Registration date: 21.09.2017
Update date: 21.09.2017 [ID: 3534]

Industry: Construction
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Tula, st. Demonstrations, 149

+7 (920) 757-1667