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Thermostrim - production and wholesale of coolants based on ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. When producing products, the harsh winter conditions of the Russian climate are taken into account, which allows us to say with confidence that even in the harshest winters, our products will not freeze and will keep your homes, medical and educational institutions warm. All manufactured products are certified and made in accordance with GOST standards. In connection with the expansion of the dealer network, we invite online stores, wholesale companies and construction and installation companies working in the housing and communal services sector to cooperate. We accept all types of payments and issue all accounting documents. For wholesale purchases, delivery within the Russian Federation is possible.

Founded: 2010
Registration date: 13.10.2017
Update date: 13.10.2017 [ID: 3406]

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141273, M.O., Pushkinsky district, Talitsy village, Industrial Park

+7 (916) 392-06-39

29th international building and interiors trade show