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Production of expanded polystyrene (foam), polystyrene concrete (Kraft) in Novosibirsk, Shells for insulating pipes of any diameter, reinforced concrete products (reinforced concrete products), Concrete, Mortar. Mineral wool insulation: PPZH, PTE, Teplit, KNAUF, AKSI, LINEROK, ISOVER, P-50,75,100,125. VAPOR-MOISTURE-WINDPROOF, vinyl SIDING.

Founded: 2002
Registration date: 22.10.2012
Update date: 24.05.2016 [ID: 3389]

Price list not posted.
Logo Thermico

Novosibirsk, st. Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev, 45

+7 (383) 213-79-98

29th international building and interiors trade show