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We supply equipment, design, and install engineering systems for private houses, apartments, offices and commercial real estate. The scope of activities includes: - ventilation and air conditioning - heating, water supply, sewerage - electricity supply, lighting, automation (Smart Home), dispatching and SCS - video surveillance, access control and fire alarm Our clients are both individuals and large construction companies, office and trade organizations, industrial enterprises, government agencies. Our partners are leading manufacturers of modern engineering equipment.

Founded: 2010
Registration date: 24.05.2016
Update date: 24.05.2016 [ID: 3390]

Ventilation and climate control equipment

Electrical equipment

Price list not posted.

Ekaterinburg, st. VIZ-Boulevard, 13, building "B", office. 101

+7 (343) 214-84-40

29th international building and interiors trade show