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Frame houses "Russian Winter". We design and build business-class frame houses "Russian Winter", which have no analogues in the Russian house-building market. Technology "Russian Winter" the highest quality standard from the Terem Art company. Reinforced wooden frame up to 250 mm, external wall cladding - OSB 12 mm, (egger). Ventilation gap ("ventilated facade"), basalt insulation up to 250 mm, density from 90 - 125 kg/m, hydro-wind protection "Tyvek" on the outside and vapor barrier on the inside "Yutafol" N 96, with seams taped with double-sided tape. We build all year round. 10 years warranty period.

Founded: 1995
Registration date: 29.01.2015
Update date: 24.05.2016 [ID: 3388]

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Moscow Region, Odintsovo, Zapadnaya St., 18

+7 (967) 280-36-20, (985) 233-92-71

29th international building and interiors trade show