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Trade House MARSHAL LLC is the exclusive distributor of the pipeline fittings plant of PJSC Spetsavtomatika (Ukraine) in the Russian Federation. Over more than ten years of existence, we have established ourselves as an impeccable business partner and supplier of high-quality and reliable products and rightfully occupy a leading position in the shut-off valves market. All products undergo quality control and are fully certified, complying with GOST and TU. We value our customers and offer an individual approach to each client. TH "MARSHAL" sells the following types of pipeline shut-off valves: ball valves, flanges, components - a set of flanges, studs and nuts. Key advantages of ball valves 11s67p Marshal TM: - tightness of the valve (reinforced seat with increased area and additional backup seal); - tightness relative to the external environment (self-sealing design with three elastomeric rings); - ball and steel 12Х18Н10Т; - wall thickness (compliance with State Industry Standards); - maintainability; - service life - up to 30 years.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 18.07.2011
Update date: 18.09.2016 [ID: 3320]

Plumbing, water supply and sewerage

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123056, Moscow, st. Zoologicheskaya, 30, building 2

+7 (499) 254-78-22, (495) 419-01-95

29th international building and interiors trade show