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The Superstone Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of high-quality heat blocks without the use of expanded clay and foaming agents. When receiving the Superstone heat block, we removed everything unnecessary and left only the best. Expanded clay, which reduces the strength of bricks, and foaming agents, which remain forever in the heating blocks in the form of tense bubbles of rotting organic matter, have been completely eliminated. We made the heat block light, solid, with amazing strength and frost resistance. The destruction of heating blocks by corrosion was excluded. Our heat blocks are distinguished by the most accurate geometry with an error of +- 2 mm, which is comparable to high-quality facing bricks. In combination with large sizes, this will ensure high masonry speed without using a large number of DSPs.

Founded: 2008
Registration date: 03.06.2015
Update date: 03.06.2015 [ID: 3256]

Concrete, brick, industrial mineral, etc.

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St. Petersburg, Marshala Zhukova, 45

+7 (812) 985-00-90

29th international building and interiors trade show