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Main activity: Landscape design, landscaping and gardening! For 7 years we have been professionally engaged in the repair and finishing of country houses, apartments, turnkey offices! Our company has been building tree houses of various sizes and configurations for both children and adults on a turnkey basis for 3 years! Usage; For children, individual and play area. Adults; A full-fledged home, an office, an office, just a secluded place! With interior and exterior decoration! Insulation, heating, electricity, water supply, sewerage. We build very beautiful Enclosures for squirrels and birds (ornamental animals). Participants of International Exhibitions and Festivals! We have many Gratitudes, including Government ones!

Founded: 2003
Registration date: 11.02.2018
Update date: 11.02.2018 [ID: 2627]

Construction and related services

Repair and finishing services

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Moscow, st. Parkovaya 5, building 37, office. 117

+7 (495) 641-74-50

29th international building and interiors trade show