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The StroyMasterGroup Company is a large repair and construction association that successfully operates in Tula and the Tula region, in the cities of Kimovsk, Novomoskovsk, Donskoy, Venev, Uzlovaya and others. Our main advantage is versatility; we carry out work in almost all major branches of the repair, design and construction industries. The company has several specialized teams, staffed by masters of their craft with decent experience. In addition, the central department of StroyMasterGroup employs engineering and technical specialists who perform complex specialized calculations and are engaged in technical design. Talented designers and artistic specialists work with them.

Founded: 2014
Registration date: 03.09.2016
Update date: 03.09.2016 [ID: 3154]

Industry: Construction
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Tula region, Kimovsk, st. Kommunisticheskaya, 19

+7 (960) 611-1575