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The Strommontazh enterprise has been engaged in industrial and individual metal structures for more than 46 years. We have successfully implemented many individual projects for the reconstruction of industrial facilities, the construction of complex workshops and hangars from rolled metal. For the last 15 years, the company has been working with communication facilities and antenna mast structures. Thanks to our metal structures, leading mobile operators are expanding their coverage area. In the Crimean Federal District, Strommontazh occupies a leading position as a supplier of metal structures for communications companies and manufacturing enterprises - we produce antenna structures (for example, tetrahedral corner towers) and containers for communications equipment (a container with increased protection). Our services: • Production and installation of metal structures. • Design and construction of buildings and structures. • Construction and reconstruction of turnkey facilities in Crimea. • Supply of rolled metal. • Laying fiber optic cable. • Rental of special equipment.

Founded: 1970
Registration date: 27.02.2018
Update date: 27.02.2018 [ID: 3238]

Metal structures and metal products

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295040 Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, st. Generala Vasilyeva, 34b

+7 (978) 957-41-14

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