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Construction of country houses. Design. Clearing areas of bushes, uprooting, backfilling with excavated soil, leveling, construction of entrances. Drainage systems, wells, local sewerage. Improvement, landscaping work. Manufacturing and installation of sliding and swing gates, optionally with forging elements. Fences with any filling, from corrugated sheets and euro-fences to block fences, followed by stone cladding or plastering. Finishing work. Installation and repair of floors, sanding, sanding, varnishing. We carry out work from the ground up until complete delivery to the customer (turnkey), and we also carry out work at individual stages of construction (accordingly).

Founded: 2014
Registration date: 05.01.2017
Update date: 05.01.2017 [ID: 3109]

Construction and related services

Repair and finishing services

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