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"Standardpark Siberia" carries out wholesale and retail sales of linear, point (trays, storm water inlets) and internal drainage systems (trays, stainless steel drains); anti-splash coverings (carpets); gratings; materials for strengthening and protecting soil (geogrid); hatches; everything necessary for the production of paving and facing slabs, fences and small architectural forms. From a warehouse in Novosibirsk and to order. Manufacturer prices. Nomenclature and price list on the company website.

Founded: 1998
Registration date: 06.02.2009
Update date: 31.08.2017 [ID: 2999]

Concrete, brick, industrial mineral, etc.

Roofing, insulation and wall materials

Metal structures and metal products

Decoration Materials

Price list not posted.
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Novosibirsk, Mira st., 62/3, building ABK, office 416

+7 (383) 335-8627

29th international building and interiors trade show