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Concrete Structures Plant LLC is one of the largest enterprises producing reinforced concrete products in the Smolensk region. The product range includes more than 1000 different types of precast reinforced concrete. The production facility has modern high-tech equipment for the production and molding of reinforced concrete products. The production has large warehouses of finished products. The main directions of the plant are: • Trays L. Series 3.006.1-2.87; • Non-passable channels NKL LP (RK 3301-82) • LC trays. Series 3.006.1-8; • Tray covers. Series 3.006.1-2.87 (P); • Tray covers. Series 3.006.1-8 (PT, PD, PDU, PTU); • Elements of prefabricated culverts • Pipe links with flat support ZKP (Series 3.501.1-144.1); • Pipe links with flat support ZKP (SHIFR 2175 RF) • Round culvert pipe links ZK (Series 3.501.1-144.1); • Links of round culvert pipes ZK (CIFR 1484 V.1) • Links of rectangular pipes ZP (Series 3.501.1-144.1); • Links of rectangular pipes ZP (CIFR 2119 RF) • Links of pipes with a portal ZP; (Series 3.501.1-177.93) • Pipe links with a ZP portal (CIFR 2119 RF) • Conical head links.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 05.02.2017
Update date: 05.02.2017 [ID: 1369]

Industry: Construction
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Smolensk region, Safonovo, Sovetskaya str. 53

+7 (495) 380-11-63