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SMP-50 Group of Companies is an enterprise that carries out special construction work based on the achievements of advanced geo-technologies. The SMP-50 company was formed in 1999 as a result of the merger of four construction companies, each of which has extensive experience in its field of construction business. Consolidating companies into one group gives us a number of advantages over competitors operating in our field. This is the combined experience of a team of specialists and a wider range of services, which guarantees the best result. MAIN AREAS OF ACTIVITY: The main types of work that SMP-50 performs are: - installation of bored, tangential and drilled injection piles; — sheet piling fencing of pits; — development and installation of a spacer system for pits; — strengthening and cementation of foundations; — injection of building walls; — construction dewatering and drainage; and many other types of work.

Founded: 1999
Registration date: 30.12.2015
Update date: 18.08.2016 [ID: 804]

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Moscow, st. Shirokaya, 9

+7 (499) 350-11-50

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