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Providing high-quality products from leading Russian and European manufacturers of building and finishing materials, as well as services that accompany the construction process at all stages, from laying the foundation to installing the roof. Our product range: large-format ceramic blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, reinforced concrete products, imported and Russian facing bricks, building bricks, clinker tiles, stone and brick facing tiles, thermal insulation and colored masonry mixtures, plasters, putties, paints, metal siding and plastic, facade panels (including wood, brick, stone), corrugated sheets, roofing materials (Metal tiles, seams, soft roofing, natural tiles), drainage systems, chimneys, insulation, hydro-vapor barrier materials. Call, our specialists will advise you, also visit our website to get acquainted with the full catalog of our products and keep up to date with new products.

Founded: 2008
Registration date: 13.11.2017
Update date: 13.11.2017 [ID: 3097]

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140408, Moscow region, Kolomna, st. Sapozhkov, 15

+7 (915) 132-25-55

29th international building and interiors trade show