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We present the modified, encapsulated polystyrene concrete Simprolit monolith. Density D200 – D400. It is used for insulation, sound insulation, increasing the fire resistance of flat roofs (including corrugated sheets), foundation slabs and walls, as a protective layer for waterproofing. For installation of a slope-forming layer on flat roofs. As a leveling layer and for the construction of a lightweight screed, which has the function of thermal insulation and sound absorption. The weight of a Simprolit screed is 5 times lower than a similar cement-sand screed. Simprolit monolith does not shrink! Certificate of conformity "NG". Durability - F-100 (test report No. 314 dated 04/07/2005 NIISF). The best thermal insulation properties in the class of lightweight concrete. Simprolit monolith is poured using a gerotor pump Edilteco RM-1000 (horizontal flow up to 80 m, vertical flow up to 26 m).

Founded: 2014
Registration date: 03.08.2016
Update date: 03.08.2016 [ID: 2742]

Industry: Construction

Moscow, st. Dmitry Ulyanov, 20, building 1, office. 313

+7 (499) 703-3823