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The Power of Piles Company is a company founded by experienced specialists (whose experience in this market is more than 10 years). Working with pile-screw foundations is not just our income, but the area in which we were able to achieve the highest level of professionalism. We at “Strength of Piles” focus on the quality and technology of work, whether it is installing piles under the foundation of a house, bathhouse or technical building, installing a fence or gate, installing a pier support or repairing foundations and raising houses. Our experience has allowed us to develop and implement many solutions for the installation of pile-screw structures ourselves, which is why we have our own quality standards, which are higher than the standards in society as a whole. In “The Power of Piles” there are no extra people who would not be involved in the process: we are all engineers, installers, members of construction teams. Complete optimization of the company's processes and the process of installation, installation, repair and lifting - allows us to offer a real low price without loss of quality! The main secret of the success of "Power of Piles" is that we only have piles and professionals...

Founded: 2008
Registration date: 13.05.2017
Update date: 13.05.2017 [ID: 2752]

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St. Petersburg, Svetlanovsky Prospekt, 37

+7 (812) 242-1125

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