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"RVT Repair" is a team of private craftsmen who specialize in the repair of bathrooms and toilets and have extensive experience in this field. Due to our narrow specialization, we can quickly and efficiently carry out complex renovations of a bathroom or toilet of any complexity. We, more than anyone, are interested in high-quality renovation of a bathroom or toilet - after all, this is the key to our success. By contacting us for help, you are collaborating with direct contractors, so you can always count on reasonable prices and an individual approach. We do not pay for the work of accountants, managers and secretaries; accordingly, these costs do not fall on the shoulders of our customers. Our clients only pay for the work of private repairmen.

Founded: 2014
Registration date: 16.08.2015
Update date: 16.08.2015 [ID: 2405]

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St. Petersburg, st. Shelgunova, 9, bldg. 1

+7 (812) 922 92 82

29th international building and interiors trade show