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Finnish metal tiles Ruukki profiles: Monterrey, Adamante, Elite, Finnera, Decorrey in Polyester, Purex (Purex) Pural (Pural) Matte Pural (Matte Pural) coatings Seam roofing profiles: Ruukki Classic, Vintage (Vintage). Metal drainage system. Sandwich panels Ruukki-Ventall. Safety elements for the roof. All over the world, Ruukki metal tiles produced in Finland are known for the perfect precision of their profiles, which guarantees technically perfect roof installation and excellent insulating qualities of the coating, as well as increased strength and durability. The Territory of Roofing company is an official dealer of the Ruukki company and offers a full range of roofing products made from Finnish Ruukki metal tiles at manufacturer prices. Types of Ruukki metal tile profiles: Monterrey, Finnera modular metal tile, Adamante, Elite, Decorrey in different types of Polyestr, Purex, Pural coatings , Matt Pural. Ruukki Classic and Vintage seam roofing steel thickness is 0.5 mm and 0.6 mm, which does not require special tools for installation.

Founded: 2002
Registration date: 09.03.2016
Update date: 09.03.2016 [ID: 3412]

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