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Online store "Russian Builder" offers you services for the sale of large structures and consumables with delivery in the most flexible terms. We will help you not only at the purchasing stage, but are also ready to advise you in order to choose the most correct products. Our wide range is constantly updated. Already now you can purchase reinforced concrete products (RCC), slabs, all kinds of construction dry mixes, bagged cement and concrete from us. We deliver all goods purchased from us throughout Moscow and the Moscow region as quickly as possible. If your construction takes place outside the Moscow region, we are ready to discuss the conditions and deliver to your site.

Founded: 2016
Registration date: 02.07.2016
Update date: 02.07.2016 [ID: 2565]

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115054, Moscow, Bolshoi Strochenovsky lane, 7, office 507

+7 (495) 374-89-62

29th international building and interiors trade show