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Online store presents a wide range of electrical products, electrical and electrical equipment for the home: sockets, switches, lighting, cable products, climate and heating equipment, as well as electrical industrial equipment. We develop a flexible pricing policy for wholesale buyers, and also use a system of bonuses and discounts in our work, offer products from the Uniel, Pulsar, Lezard, SchneiderElectric, Legrand brands and guarantee the quality of original equipment. Electrics for modern people are the result of centuries of technical improvement, so various types of electrics and electrical equipment fill our home to make life more comfortable and safer. Our warehouses offer a wide range of electrical products, which is constantly expanding. The company's employees will always help you navigate the range, prices, and provide the necessary technical advice.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 14.08.2017
Update date: 14.08.2017 [ID: 1181]

Equipment and tools

Ventilation and climate control equipment

Electrical equipment

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