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JSC RAO Rosneftegazstroy is a leading Russian company in the field of oil and gas and industrial and civil construction. The company carries out comprehensive engineering of projects, construction according to Russian and international standards and norms in various climatic conditions of pipelines for various purposes, onshore facilities and special engineering structures, industrial and civil facilities on a turnkey basis.

Construction is carried out in a flow-high-speed mode using prefabricated devices and automated technological systems, which allows the company to ensure the pace of work, the quality and reliability of the facilities being constructed.

Founded: 1994
Registration date: 18.02.2024
Update date: 18.02.2024 [ID: 2507]

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Logo Rosneftegazstroy

B. Bronnaya st., 23, building 1, Moscow

+7 (499) 213-34-08


29th international building and interiors trade show