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Roof. Roofing materials: soft roofing (flexible tiles) Katepal (Katepal), Tegola (Tegola), IKO, CertainTeed, Pikipoika, Icopal, TechnoNIKOL; ceramic tiles von Muller, Erlus; natural tiles Braas; metal tiles; insulation; siding; drain; Velux roof windows. Roofing.

Founded: 2004
Registration date: 01.03.2006
Update date: 01.03.2006 [ID: 1471]

Roofing, insulation and wall materials

Windows, doors, glass, etc.


Decoration Materials

Construction and related services

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Moscow Region, Khimki, st. Moskovskaya, 21, office 319

+7 (495) 5107726

29th international building and interiors trade show