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Production, delivery, installation and service of fire-resistant metal doors (single-leaf and double-leaf, fixed and with glazing up to 25% of the opening area) and fire-resistant gates (sliding and swinging, fixed and with a wicket, with or without automatics) with a fire resistance rating of EI- 60. Production, delivery, installation of insulated metal doors and metal gates; fire cabinets. Production, delivery and installation of radiation-protective gates and partitions. Delivery, installation and maintenance of automatic domestic and industrial gates (sectional, up-and-over) from the manufacturer Door Han.

Founded: 2001
Registration date: 10.10.2005
Update date: 19.07.2016 [ID: 2577]

Windows, doors, glass, etc.

Metal structures and metal products

Price list not posted.
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Moscow, Otkrytoe shosse, 48A

+7 (495) 380-37-66

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