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Specialists of the company offer services for finishing and repairing apartments in Moscow. Renovation of individual premises: room, kitchen, corridor, bathroom renovation. Development of interior design projects for residential premises. Author's interior design of apartments. Our specialists will always find the golden mean that you need, starting from simple cosmetic repairs and ending with major apartment renovations, European-quality renovations. Starting with the visit of a specialist and drawing up an estimate for the renovation of your apartment, the selection and delivery of materials for renovation, and ending with professional cleaning of the apartments afterwards. We will make your dreams of comfort come true.

Founded: 1998
Registration date: 27.11.2007
Update date: 28.08.2017 [ID: 2419]

Industry: Construction

117452, Moscow, Azovskaya st., 24, building 2

+7 (495) 507-33-74, (903) 135-51-87