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Wholesale of finishing and building materials. Tiles: facing, glazed for floors, metlakh, acid-resistant, paving. Ceramic granite. Glass block. The brick is acid-resistant. Curb: road, sidewalk. The cinder block is hollow. Glass magnesium sheet. Acid-chemical resistant adhesives. The putties are acid-chemical resistant. Mastics are acid-chemical resistant. The primer is acid-chemical resistant. Sealant for interpanel seams. Acid-resistant concrete. The powder is acid-resistant. Liquid sodium glass.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 09.12.2009
Update date: 06.11.2016 [ID: 2311]

Concrete, brick, industrial mineral, etc.

Decoration Materials

Chemicals for construction

Price list not posted.
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620024, Ekaterinburg, st. Novinskaya, 2

+7 (343) 295-82-26

29th international building and interiors trade show