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Promburenie LLC is a company that spun off as a core business in May 2017 from a large construction organization that has been performing similar work since 2015. Today it occupies a leading position in its industry. The company has a staff of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience and a fleet of professional equipment necessary to carry out drilling operations. The geography of work of the company "Prombureniye" LLC is Moscow and the Moscow region. We cooperate with both large contractors and small private customers. Over the entire period of operation, the company has completed a large number of projects and gained significant experience. This allows you to cope even with complex tasks: laying communications in difficult conditions, densely populated areas, in flooded areas, etc.

Founded: 1994
Registration date: 17.03.2019
Update date: 17.03.2019 [ID: 2301]

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Moscow, st. Vokzalnaya, 39

+7 (495) 137-70-42

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