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PlastFactor LLC is the FIRST Russian company to start producing modular PVC floor coverings. Today, producing products under the brands Sensor, Factor, Optima, it occupies a strong place in the building materials market. Sensor and Factor floor coverings are specially designed for use in harsh industrial, commercial and public environments. The coatings are heavy-duty, resistant to shock and static loads, chemically inert, lightweight and quick to install, allowing for dismantling and transfer in case of moving or repair. Optima anti-splash coatings are designed to collect and retain coarse dirt from the soles of visitors immediately before entering the premises. The coverings are equipped with an anti-heel system, which prevents the thin heels of women's shoes from falling into the covering. The modular structure of the coating, three standard module sizes, and a rich range of colors make it possible to install any, even complex, patterns.

Founded: 1995
Registration date: 03.12.2015
Update date: 22.08.2016 [ID: 2196]

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Rostov-on-Don, st. Malinovsky 3

+7 800 775 84 09

29th international building and interiors trade show