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For more than 10 years, the Plast-Decor company has been a professional in the field of facade decoration, landscape design and facade design. We keep up with the times, always ready to provide you with qualified specialists and high-quality materials. Every day we are faced with a wide variety of tasks: production of facade decor, production of small architectural forms, installation of architectural decor, author's interior design, landscape design, production of three-dimensional models and layouts, development of design projects. With the Plast-Decor company you can solve almost any problem in the world of construction technologies. Restoration or repair, insulation or lighting of facades, plastering, painting - this is only part of the list of services provided.

Founded: 2006
Registration date: 24.09.2017
Update date: 24.09.2017 [ID: 2193]

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Samara, st. Cable, 9

+7 (846) 22 515 77

29th international building and interiors trade show