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PKF Spetsdetal LLC offers a wide range of pipeline parts, shut-off valves and other pipe products available from stock and on order. An extensive fleet of modern technological equipment allows us to produce welded, stamped, forged products for pipelines, incl. using extra-strength, corrosion-resistant and other materials in accordance with industry tasks. We have been working in this market segment for more than 10 years. We guarantee prompt and high-quality fulfillment of orders both for the entire offered range and according to the Customer’s technical requirements.

Founded: 2008
Registration date: 18.03.2018
Update date: 18.03.2018 [ID: 2194]

Plumbing, water supply and sewerage

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Moscow, st. Priorova, 30/3

+7 (499) 408-31-12

29th international building and interiors trade show