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North-West REPRESENTATIVE LLC was founded in October 2002. The company is engaged in the production of components for cargo equipment. Available: cargo slings, steel ropes, rigging equipment, fastening equipment, rope terminations, as well as presses and components. Our products are used: for completing mobile and tower cranes; during installation and dismantling of high-tech equipment and products; for various works in everyday life and country houses. Delivery of finished products to your site both by our own vehicles and with the help of third-party Federal carriers in the shortest possible time.

Founded: 2002
Registration date: 21.08.2016
Update date: 21.08.2016 [ID: 2700]

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Logo Northwestern REPRESENTATIVE

192102, St. Petersburg, st. Salova, 57

+7 (812) 380-9131

29th international building and interiors trade show