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Environmentally friendly insulating materials from the manufacturer NTPO "Korda". Manufacturing of thermal insulation products to order. Services for sound insulation, thermal insulation of premises. Delivery from a warehouse in St. Petersburg: thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, pipe and fire retardant insulation, reinforcing and road materials, basalt fabrics, water heaters, boilers, radiators, silica fabrics, silica threads, heated floors.

Founded: 1991
Registration date: 10.10.2007
Update date: 10.10.2007 [ID: 2038]

Roofing, insulation and wall materials

Decoration Materials

Ventilation and climate control equipment

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St. Petersburg, Liflyandskaya st., 6

+7 (812) 3369046

29th international building and interiors trade show