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Plant Novodom® (LLC DOM) - Full member of the Association of SIP house-building technologies (SIP). Member of the St. Petersburg Marketing Club. The company designs, produces and builds houses using modern panel-frame technology that have unique properties: • ENERGY EFFICIENCY The highest class of heat conservation, the only construction technology that has been assigned the international ENERGY STAR class. • RELIABILITY OF CONSTRUCTION Construction panels can withstand vertical loads of more than 10 tons per linear meter. • CONSTRUCTION TIME The pace of construction is several times higher than the pace of construction using traditional technologies. • ALL-SEASON CONSTRUCTION Construction of the house structure is possible all year round. • FACTORY PRODUCTION OF HOUSE COMPLETES The company is the owner of a modern production line, which allows us to comply with the peculiarities of the technological process and significantly reduce the influence of the human factor on the construction result.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 11.04.2017
Update date: 11.04.2017 [ID: 2008]

Industry: Construction

St. Petersburg, Zastavskaya street, 33Zh, office 505/1

+7 (812) 907-39-46