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The NOVAX Company (NOVAX) develops and produces paint and varnish anti-corrosion and fire retardant materials for metal, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, heat and waterproofing materials, industrial self-leveling floors. Distinctive features of NOVAX materials: • coatings with a high degree of protection against wear and abrasion; • resistant to acids and alkalis; • quick-drying coatings; • coatings for poorly prepared and wet surfaces; • thick-layer materials • with a predicted service life of up to 25 years Development of recipes for our own production and according to the Customer’s technical specifications. Production of paints and varnishes under your brand (Private Label) on a contract basis according to the provided technical specifications, GOST or development of materials according to the Customer’s technical specifications. Certification, climatic, quality testing of industrial coatings, as well as other types of research in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 08.12.2016
Update date: 08.12.2016 [ID: 2003]

Chemicals for construction

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Moscow region, Sergiev Posad district, Khotkovo, Khudozhestvenny proezd, 2e

+7 (495) 526-69-52

29th international building and interiors trade show