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The Norma M company has been producing and selling household appliances for the home throughout Russia for more than 12 years. Single-phase voltage stabilizers are the main direction of the company. The catalog presents both network devices for low-power household appliances and mainline voltage stabilizers to provide power to the whole house. The company's relay equipment is represented by network and trunk-type devices from 1 kW to 26 kV, designed to connect both stand-alone devices and the whole house. The catalog of manufactured products includes more than a hundred items of goods with a different set of technical and consumer characteristics. The variety includes equipment with anti-frost properties, devices with wall-mounted installation, automatic and manual bypass, etc. The company's website has a huge encyclopedia on choosing a voltage stabilizer, connecting it and everything you want to know about it.

Founded: 2004
Registration date: 16.05.2016
Update date: 16.05.2016 [ID: 2033]

Electrical equipment

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125362, Moscow, st. Svobody, house 35, building 41

+7 (495) 363-52-21

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