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MY PROJECT has been working in the field of water supply and sanitation for more than 25 years. During this time, more than a hundred projects were completed, which included: - comprehensive implementation of turnkey projects: from the provision of engineering and consulting services to the commissioning of structures; - design of objects of any complexity; - development of the necessary documentation for each project, taking into account the best available technologies; - retechnologization and modernization of physically outdated systems, taking into account current proprietary developments and increased environmental requirements; - adjustment of technological processes and equipment with subsequent warranty and post-warranty service; - construction of treatment facilities for industrial enterprises (local and full cycle); - supply of equipment.

Founded: 1991
Registration date: 15.11.2016
Update date: 15.11.2016 [ID: 1609]

Construction and related services

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Moscow, Bolshoi Strochenovsky per., building 7, fl. 8

+7 (495) 989 85 04

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