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MAXI Company LLC provides a full range of services from the creation of a design project to delivery of the facility to the customer. We implement complex construction and finishing projects without the involvement of subcontractors. This makes it possible to reduce the time of work, and also relieves the Customer from the need to overpay. For successful and productive work, we are provided with all the necessary human, material and technical resources. We provide all necessary licenses, quality certificates for construction work and the products we offer. The MAXI company offers cooperation in glazing new residential buildings and other structures. Our company’s flexible pricing policy allows our Customers to implement projects with minimal financial investments. We can offer the Customer the most optimal option in terms of price, quality and timing.

Founded: 2009
Registration date: 30.05.2011
Update date: 30.05.2011 [ID: 1380]

Construction and related services

Repair and finishing services

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Rostov region Volgodonsk st. Kurchatova, 32

+7 8-988-250-15-30, 8-989-721-44-31

29th international building and interiors trade show