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La Roof design studio from St. Petersburg has been working on the market for 7 years. During this time, she collaborated with many clients and accumulated dozens of works in her portfolio, which can be viewed on the website. The studio is engaged in the creation of design projects for apartments of any size, the design of private and country houses of any size and number of floors, the design of all kinds of buildings on the site, the design of non-residential premises: restaurants, cafes, offices, hotels. In addition, the company is engaged in architectural design.

Founded: 2009
Registration date: 15.09.2016
Update date: 15.09.2016 [ID: 1508]

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191119, St. Petersburg, Zvenigorodskaya street 22, office 107

+7 (812) 383-99-83

29th international building and interiors trade show