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The KRASBYT company offers high-quality paint and varnish materials for the protection of concrete and metal: paints, varnishes, primers, impregnations, self-leveling floors, sealants, putty, paint for road markings, roof paint, slate. Our range: self-leveling industrial floors (self-leveling polymer coatings), polymer floors (polyurethane floors, epoxy floors), polyurethane floors (polyurethane self-leveling floors "Polymerdecor"), epoxy floors (epoxy self-leveling floors "Epodekor"), paint for concrete (paint for concrete floors "Betil"), etc.

Founded: 1995
Registration date: 27.11.2008
Update date: 27.11.2008 [ID: 1461]

Chemicals for construction

Construction and related services

Price list not posted.

Moscow, st. Ivana Franko, 6

+7 (495) 5175908, 5183499

29th international building and interiors trade show